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If you enjoy your Electric Vehicle test drive(s) at EVOLUTION, would you consider an EV as your next vehicle?
Please remember that to drive, we must see your driver’s licence, so PLEASE BRING YOUR PHOTO-CARD LICENCE WITH YOU ON THE DAY. In addition, we will need to run a DVLA CHECK beforehand and from 15th April, a series of emails will be sent to all that have pre-registered, with full instructions regarding the licence checking process. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT VALID UK LICENCES. PRE-REGISTRATION AND ADVANCE DVLA CHECKS WILL HELP YOU BEAT THE QUEUES ON THE DAY. However, we ARE able to perform these checks on the day too, so please make sure you BRING YOUR LICENCE WITH YOU, and also make a note of your NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER which is required for us to do the necessary checks.

* All entered data may be passed on to some third parties that are involved in the event, who may use this to contact you directly, as well as by us, Public Sector Information (PSi) Ltd, the organisers of the EVOLUTION Motor Shows, to inform you about future events. If you do not wish your data to be used, please tick the box below