EVOLUTION Glasgow: October 6th, 2018

After 5 successful years in Edinburgh, EVOLUTION is coming to Glasgow with another event designed to answer all your low carbon motoring questions!

EVOLUTION Glasgow, like Edinburgh, is a FREE, family-friendly, motor show that enables you to get the inside scoop on ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs). Get behind the wheel and test drive some of the latest and most efficient motoring technology that the electric and low emission world has to offer. This time, test drives will take place on a specified local route, rather than a track, in order to give you a more realistic driving experience.

So, what other reasons are there for you to attend?

Over the last few years in the UK there has been a remarkable increase in the demand for ULEV’s – new registrations of ULEV cars increased from 2,219 in 2014 to more than 5,600 from January to October in 2017, in Scotland. Sales are increasing rapidly now, and there is now more than twice the amount of Ultra-Low Emission Commercial Vehicles being sold annually, compared to 2014. All in all, this means there are now more than 14,500 ULEVs on the road in Scotland, and with the Scottish Government saying; “Our aim is for new petrol and diesel cars and vans to be phased out in Scotland by 2032”, the time to make the switch to Ultra-Low is NOW!

The financial benefits

Fuel costs for a conventional car average 12-pence per mile, equating to £1,440, based on an annual mileage of 12,000. Compare that to an EV and the average cost per mile can be as low as 2-pence, making the annual expense just £240! – just imagine the savings on an entire fleet!

EV’s can be charged using any of the growing number of public charging points being installed across Scotland, or using work place charging should your organisation take the initiative to make the installation. There are currently more than 800 public chargers across Scotland, servicing some 1,600 ‘charging bays’, and 175 of these are Rapid Chargers. There are also grants available for the installation of workplace and home charging, if your drivers take their vehicles home at night.

Cost Comparison : Electric v Petrol

The environmental benefits

Air pollution contributes to over 2,500 early deaths in Scotland every year. There are 38 official Pollution Zones across Scotland’s towns and cities where air quality levels are failing safety standards. Traffic is the dominant cause of air pollution and the Scottish Government has committed to introducing LEZs in the four biggest cities by 2020, Glasgow will be the first this year in 2018, followed by Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Perth and where necessary, in other Pollution Zones by 2023.

Be sure to get yourselves down to EVOLUTION Glasgow on October 6 at the Riverside Transport Museum